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Parts of the Model 240 Upright Sensor


Model 240 Humbucking Balanced-Line Upright Piano Sensor

Our newest breakthough in Sensor design. For the first time, we are able to provide a humbucking sensor that fits upright pianos! Our new humbucking construction technique allows the pickup strips (Sensors) to be thin and flexible, allowing them to be easily slipped in behind the strings. We can now offer an Upright version of our Model 280 Grand System. Like the Model 125, it fits all vertical pianos: spinets, uprights, or console models.We have incorporated the same balanced-line, humbucking design and XLR connectors that make the Model 280 able to use our powered line-level mixer. Since all upright pianos have the keyboard range divided into three sections, three sensors provide coverage of every note. We have selected the lengths through years of experience to provide the best chance of complete coverage on whatever upright piano you might have. Sections of the piano are quickly balanced after plugging these into the mixer, which provides a headphone jack that permits adjusting the note volumes before a sound system is even connected if necessary. The output is a line-level XLR jack for connection with a mic cable. A special model is also available for 64-note uprights. $995.

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Also available: the Model 240 without the mixer, designed to plug directly into three mic channels for mixdown, EQ, and Stereo panning at your board. $695.

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Model 125 Installation (Similar to the Model 240)