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In the world of microphones, the Helpinstill Piano Sensor™ is unique. The only magnetic pickup made for piano, every unit is hand-crafted with the attention to quality sound and precision design that established a world-wide reputation, and made Helpinstill the first name in piano pickups since the very first unit was bought by Elton John in 1972. Today, major artists, churches, and other state-of-the-art sound installations get a Helpinstill when only the best will do. In most applications micing the piano, it's the only thing that really works! They are only available directly from the manufacturer, Helpinstill Designs.

A Satisfied Customer

Steve Kinchen of Metairie LA recently bought one of our new Model 280 Sensor Systems for his church's new piano. After getting it in, he sent us an email: "To say that I am happy would be an understatement. " He also explained, " To be honest with you, I was one of the skeptics after my previous experience with the (other guys') pickup. Anything with the word pickup to me meant "settle for" or "total compromise" to the sound of my lovely grand piano." "This is clearly not the case with the Helpinstill. P.S. In my "day job", I own Hall Piano Company here in Metairie. We are south Louisiana's exclusive Steinway dealer."

He also sent us a recording from the output of his pickup which we have included here Recording

This new model incorporates two breakthroughs in Helpinstill technology. Last December we heard back from Phish that our new experimental Balanced-Line Humbucking Sensors were a huge improvement in clarity and natural sound in their stage setup. Since these new Sensors terminated in XLR connectors, we decided to pair them up with a new powered mixer that cures every complaint we've ever heard about low-level outputs. A powerful headphone output on the mixer allows the ultimate in level balancing during hectic setups on stage. This new model represents the culmination of all we've learned in 40 years of amplifying pianos. For more information click HERE.

Talk on the Street

Interested in what is being said about the Helpinstill Piano Sensor by users just like you? Check out this thread on the forum at ControlBooth.com:

Anybody use a Helpinstill?


We recently put together a special combination of pickups for Bob Malone, the keyboardist who tours with John Fogerty (Credence Clearwater Revival). We combined the Model 280 Grand unit with a special set of Balanced-Line Upright pickups compatible with the XLR-input powered mixer to allow him to be able to work with any kind of piano he might ever encounter on the road. This experiment has been so successful on their current tour that we have decided to offer this as a new addition to our line: the Model 300 Touring Set for Grand and Upright pianos. The price will be the cost of the Model 280 plus $300 for the XLR Upright set, for a total of $1495. The mixer is also equipped with two power supplies to allow connection to either U.S. or European-style electrical outlets. (It also can run on two 9-volt batteries in a pinch.) The addition of a carrying case ($80) fitted to hold all of the various pieces makes this the Ultimate Helpinstill. We now have this item on hand, ready to ship.

Need to RENT a Helpinstill?

We are pleased to announce a partnership with one of L.A.'s most prestigious backline companies. Lon Cohen Studio Rentals. The official backline supplier to the Conan O'Brien Show, they are now prepared to furnish any Helpinstill System in our catalog for rental. Located in N. Hollywood CA, they can supply equipment anywhere in the U.S. on short notice. Give them a call at 818.762.1195.

Installing the Helpinstill Grand Piano Sensor

Heaven-Sent ?

That description might be a little over-the-top for how we at Helpinstill describe our Piano Sensor, but it's the phrase used twice by the reviewer in the new Front Of House magazine's Road Test of a Model 120 in their Feb. 2009 Issue. Read all about it HERE

Look What You Get with a Helpinstill:

No Feedback The Helpinstill doesn't "hear" any soundwaves through the air, as when piano miking is usually done with microphones. It senses the string movements magnetically at the speed of light to produce a signal. When we hear this signal through speakers, we recognize it as the sound of the piano!

No Bleedthrough For the same reason that feedback is practically impossible, the signal from the Helpinstill contains no sounds of other instruments around the piano.

Clear Sound Unlike pickups on the soundboard that produce a wooden, colored sound, or conventional microphones, which can make the piano sound far away, the Helpinstill sends the original vibrations of the strings (the source of the piano's sound) directly to your speakers where the piano sound is reproduced.

Even Keyboard Every note on the piano can be exactly the same volume, eliminating dead zones and weak areas.

Simple Installation The Helpinstill fits on a grand piano in about 15 minutes without tools. Nothing touches the piano except padded surfaces - no drilling, no screws, no adhesives.

No Maintenance No batteries, no phantom or any other power means no upkeep.

Who Needs a Helpinstill:

Churches Helpinstill Piano Pickups are solving the problem of hearing the piano clearly for congregations all over the country. Churches that spent $50-200,000 on sound systems, and $15-50,000 on grand pianos still couldn't hear the piano during the service, even with piano mic techniques using conventional microphones; now they are enjoying the piano for the first time. And if your church has a Contemporary Worship service, you've got to have a Helpinstill.

Concert Halls Whenever piano is used in the company of amplified instruments, there is a need for faithful reinforcement of the piano sound. The Helpinstill systems accomplish this perfectly.

Touring Acts The original Helpinstill Piano Pickups used by Elton John, Billy Joel, Barry Manilow and hundreds of other acts in the 70's could take two hours or more to install! They put up with it for the sound, but you don't have to - the latest model takes only 15 minutes to put on, and sounds even better. And our new Model 180 Humbucking Pickup is currently on tour with Norah Jones, Tom Petty, Lyle Lovett and K. D. Lang, providing them with the purest piano signal ever!

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